Automate end-to-end processes and boost your business productivity while optimizing costs.



What is Hyperautomation?

As defined by Gartner in its top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020 hyperautomation “deals with the application of advanced technologies to increasingly automate processes and augment humans. Hyper-automation extends across a range of tools that can be automated, but also refers to the sophistication of the automation“.

This combination of technologies enables companies to automate complex business processes. Rather than being bogged down by low-level, repetitive tasks, your coworkers will remain engaged with their jobs as they seek to resolve problems, provide creative solutions and reinvent their business.

Discover our tailor-made approach designed to loop your workforce into the heart of the process to engage them of being part of your transformation in the fields of:

  • RPA (Robotic and Process Automation)
  • DPA (Digital Process Automation)
  • Content Services
  • Low-code (no-code)



1. RPA (Robotic & Process Automation)

Help your team put an end to repetitive tasks.

RPA // IPA // Automation // Process Mining // Machine Learning // Cognitive Automation // OCR // UiPath // Automation Anywhere

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the core of hyperautomation. This technology uses software robots to perform specific tasks in an automated way by using a combination of advanced technologies and cognitive processes. The goal is to relieve your organisation of time consuming tasks and increase your productivity.
Thanks to our strong partnerships with leading stakeholders (UiPath, Automation Anywhere), we help you to deploy a “Digital Workforce” within your organization. We automate manual and repetitive processes across business lines to optimize costs and improve operational efficiency with scalable RPA Services.
With our team of experts, we help you to:
– Implement end-to-end Robotic Process Automation solutions to establish a structured approach and robust tools adapted to each specific need.
– Provide consistent support, training and assistance to ensure a seamless user experience.


Added value: An end-to-end approach throughout your RPA journey from defining strategies, integration, innovation to implementation, support and continuous improvement.

RPA Consulting & strategy

We help you during the discovery phase to identify the business cases, the reason to automate them, the way to do it, and the priorities (What? Why? When?) based on your existing resources, organization and objectives.
This tailor-made understanding enables us to identify with you the most suitable tasks or processes to be automated during the pilot phase and the next ones, and to assist you in setting up your RPA centre of excellence.

RPA custom design

We propose suitable technology to match each single digital workforce strategy. Our RPA experts custom design and create highly functional robots able to automate your most low-value processes and tasks.
We build custom-made RPA solutions on a subscription model, managed services or on premise.

Integration & delivery

Our certified teams design and develop robots through advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for process automation.
We ensure their efficient delivery and we deploy them for production by orchestrating worflows and governance for your business continuity and an optimized use within your organisation.

RPA Trainings

As certified partner of leading stakeholders, we help your teams to take control of these bots. Our training courses are designed and adapted in order to provide guidance on building effective RPA solutions to automate personalized processes within your organization.


As strategic partner of RPA software leaders we are resellers of the solutions and help you to define the right architecture and software configuration (UiPath, Automation Anywhere).

Support & Maintenance

We care about the lifecycle and scalability of the robots implemented.
We then provide continuous support and maintenance for RPA activities and associated infrastructure (bot management, failure and disaster recovery, risk management and opportunity discoveries).

2. Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Reach operational excellence with DPA.

BPM // BPMN // DPA // Appway // K2 // Camunda // Activiti // Flowable // Bonita // Bizagi // Process Management // Client onboarding // Workflows

Hyperautomation concerns process optimization. In this fast changing world with increased competition, the organisations need to reivent themselves to boost their revenue stream and stay ahead of their competitors. They also have to deal with dynamic markets, ever changing compliance and regulatory issues. To address these issues, companies in all industries must dedicate attention and resources on their Digital Process Automation (DPA).
The DPA indeed focuses on improving efficiency of processess through your organization. Continuous improvement is at the heart of this discipline articulated around the following steps: design & model, implement, execute, review & optimize.
DPA platforms automate tasks allocation to the users depending on business rules and integrate the applications and systems of your information system.
Thanks to our know-how acquired through many projects carried out in various contexts and industries, we assist you from the mapping of your processes (ex: procure-to-pay), to the implementation of the workflows. We also have specific and unique expertise in the banking sector (Digitalization of Client On Boarding Process).


Added-value: We enable your organization to digitalize its business processes by making them more efficient, agile, measurable, transparent and resilient.

DPA Consulting

Our team of experts is commited to understand your ecosystem and your existing processes. Together, we develop your tailor-made DPA roadmap, and we advise you how to manage change through decision-making, optimisation and monitoring of your business processes.

DPA Implementation

We do not only help in integrating application, systems & workflows internally.
We assist you with your specific business process modelling and architecture framework, and we connect externally to partners, solution providers and vendors, as required depending on your needs.
This helps to alleviate customer experience and makes the businesses more efficient & innovative.

Support & Change Management

DPA is not just about IT. It’s a culture that needs to be imbibed within your company.
That’s why our teams will ensure that users of every function are well-trained on their applications supporting the business processes.
We advise you and support you in your DPA journey by ensuring a perfect use and a care about the lifecycle of your solutions.

Client Onboarding in Banking industry

As a historical and privileged partner, we are recognised Appway skill centre in Europe.
We provide you with strong expertise in banking processes and particularly client onboarding.
We enable banks and financial institutions to improve internal efficiencies, engage customers across all channels, and keep ahead of regulations.

3. Content Services

Turn your business content into a competitive advantage!

ECM // GED // Document Capture // Document management // Output management // CCM // éditique // Kofax // Alfresco // Quadient

Historically Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is all about documents and how to handle them efficiently in an organization. The diversification of content in new forms, the increasing document volumes, the multiplication of storage space, and new regulatory and legal constraints have pushed companies to adopt new approaches to effectively manage their business contents by automating them.
We are now focusing on the active use of content – in context – by individuals and teams, both inside and outside the organization: how you capture, share, manage, search, archive and publish your documents. Finding and managing the right information becomes a main challenge.
Thus we can help you define an information management policy, develop knowledge sharing within your company, determine which solution best meets your expectations and integrate it into your information system.


Added-value: Our teams of experts turn your constant increasing amount of information into added value and new business. We help you forward with content management and archiving strategies, content governance, application decommissioning and content migration.

Decommissioning and archiving strategy

Keeping information that is no longer useful, and keeping storage software that has become inadequate over the years is costly and a hindrance to modernizing your infrastructure.
Our application decommissioning experts define with you the best solutions to modernize your obsolete solutions, making sure that the information you need to keep is well archived.


Our experts define the lifecycles of your information according to your business. We help you to reshape how your workforce can take advantage of your business content by providing our experience in audit and project management throughout all phases of your projects.


Once we have defined your Value Stream Mapping, our teams deploy customized solutions and process adapted to your needs.
Our partnerships with the best solutions on the market enable us to offer you a range of unique solutions to optimise your requirements for archiving, storage and access to your information.


Our experts assist/help you to migrate easily all your content and data, regardless of your source and target systems. Our automated content migration expertise saves you time and stress thanks to a proven methodology for this type of prooject.

Support and Training

We guarantee the durability of the solutions we deploy for you. Our regular upgrades and maintenance combined with the required enhancements, ensure a perfect use to meet your business daily needs.

4. Low-code (No-code)

Automate your dailywork with everyday apps!

Low-code // No-code // process optimization


Empower your business employees to give shape to their ideas . Low-code (or no-code) has quickly become an obvious choice for all users with a business need, but who do not necessarily have advanced development skills. These non-technical profiles can thus more quickly build applications by relieving them of the need to write code line by line.
By combining Low Code with other hyperautomation technologies (RPA, DPA, AI/ML), we benefit from a perfect combination to meet line-of-business needs, whether to create business applications or to automate processes.
On the other hand, these platforms enable you to design and facilitate the visualization of processes before transmitting them to engineers and decision-makers for validation, development and deployment.


Added-value: Our use of low-code platforms enable both technical and non-technical users to play an active role in implementing and maintaining business applications. We lighten the burden on the IT team, operating securely within your infrastructure and parameters, and reducing the need for additional developers.

Business application

Whatever your business needs, our certified experts design and create your business applications in unprecedented time.
The simplified use of these low-code applications gives you all the agility you need to carry out your projects, with an incomparable ROI.

Automation build

We create each software robot as a mini application with optimized development times. We thus provide you with an end-to-end approach, from the definition of your hyperautomation journey, to the final delivery with low-code platforms facilities.

Manage worflows

Our team of experts is keeping technology solutions aligned with the fast-changing organizational landscape that your businesses face today.
Within a few minutes, we can create and run the custom apps each process stakeholder needs, and fully integrated with your IT systems.


In order to enable you to create your own business applications by yourself, we help your teams to master the lowcode platforms during tailor-made training sessions. This sharing of knowledge and best practices allows you to empower your teams and provides you with additional development capacity.

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