Digital Workplace

 Improve your employees experience with a Digital Workplace.

Improve your employees experience with a Digital Workplace

1. Office 365

Increase flexibility, collaboration and efficiency with Office 365

SharePoint // Teams // Office 365 // Intranet // Digital workplace // PowerApps // Flow

Microsoft Office 365 is a crucial part of your workforce efficiency. It involves your coworkers every day in the way messages are sent, electronic communications, how you collaborate, share business insights and just get work done – all in a connected ecosystem focused on superior user experiences. It has rich multi-media forms of engagement to enable your business to reach new heights of productivity and innovation.
From your computer to your smartphone and tablet, Microsoft Office 365 services allow you to save your work online and pick it back up immediately on another device.
While Microsoft deploys new features regularly, the deployment and governance of this platform require a variety of skills: information governance, UX, Office 365 specialists (SharePoint Online, Teams, PowerApps, Flow, etc.) and Azure.
Our experts provide you with their experience in defining and implementing your Intranet portal and associated collaboration tools to develop modern coworker experiences focused on increasing productivity.


Added value: We help you to compose a personal Office 365 collaborative toolset depending on your business needs and collaboration requirements. Our team provides consulting support at each stage of implementing your Office 365 solution, including deployment, customization and user adoption.

Office 365 consulting

When you decide to start your digital workplace journey, our experts tailor your Office 365 solution to your specific corporate environment, industry requirements and coworkers’ preferences. We handle out customizations and we develop custom features, including complex workflows, intranet, digital environment and useful functionalities for each employee. We provide both advisory and technical assistance depending on your business needs.

Office 365 implementation

We help you to select a customized Office 365 subscription plan aligned with your budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope. We implement the selected Office 365 toolset in line with the Microsoft requirements and set your cloud solution to ensure its efficient management and use.

Office 365 migration

Our experts plan and carry out migration of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions to Office 365. We map your existing systems to determine how your data can be moved with minimal downtime or data loss involved. We then ensure that the migration process will have zero impact on your user’s current functions and their ability to access their applications.

Office 365 integration

We integrate the Office 365 suite with your organization solutions and tools to ensure transparent and continuous collaboration. Our experts handle Office 365 integration and facilitate users’ switching between different systems.

Office 365 Support & Maintenance

We offer flexible support options to let you stay in line with the platform updates, implement the latest Office 365 features, extend your solution with custom functionalities and prevent it from any issue. To facilitate the handling of the tools by your teams and to prevent any potential difficulties, we provide dedicated training sessions for Office 365 administrators, developers and end users to help them manage and utilize their solutions efficiently.

Licenses and managed services

As a Microsoft official Partner, we resell Office 365 licenses. We also provide you with additional services like taking over the administration of your Office 365 ecosystem to ensure availability, security and performance stability.

Sharepoint Center of Excellence

Being focused on SharePoint since many years has helped us with development of unique methodologies specific to this platform, thus ensuring quick turnaround and rapid implementations. Our center of excellence delivers specific developments of turnkey solutions based on customers requirements.

Ad'hoc Consulting

The rapid evolution of the technologies and the complexity of Office 365 projects require advanced skills. Relieve your IT teams and minimize the tasks involved in the recruitment process by opting for ad'hoc consulting. We identify your needs to provide you with the best specialists when you need them.

2. Chatbots

Empower your Digital Workplace with Chatbots

chatbots // conversational agents // robots

Chatbots are the perfect complement to be used in your digital worplace! These virtual assistants simulate and process human conversation (written or spoken), enabling people to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person. They can for example help employees find what they need acting as useful interface, perform simple transcations or manage meetings.
Chatbots emerge as an obvious component of Digital Worplace and our experts support you in each step of your Chatbot deployment strategy. Finding the right use cases, starting with the pilot and then growing.


Added-value: From analysis to conceptual design & consulting to full development & hosting, we offer end to end approach to deliver chatbots that provide relevant responses and generate real value for the users.

Analysis and design workshops

During worhop sessions our experts discuss with your stakeholders to define what will be the functions of the chatbot, the limitations, the tone of communications as well as the personas. All of this enables us to custom design a robot with a personality adapted to your clients, your employees and your business.

Development, implementation and testing

We develop chatbots on all current messenger platforms tailored to your needs, or on your existing systems. We offer you a full-fledged bot backend that allows you to manage, adapt and make evolve your bot as it grows.Before deploying it, we make sure that it works properly during the testing phase.

Hosting & operations

In the cloud, on premise or on a dedicated server in our data center, we can manage and host your applications and your robots. We provide you chatbots as a turnkey solution by handling all the updates, security and backups operations.

Ad'hoc Consulting

The rapid evolution of technologies and the complexity of chatbots projects require advanced skills. Relieve your IT teams and minimize the tasks involved in the recruitment process by opting for ad'hoc consulting. We identify your needs to provide you with the best specialists when you need them.

Support and maintenance

Our experts guarantee the evolution and the lifecycle of your chatbot to make it evolve according to your new offers, services and expectations. Our teams anticipate its life cycle so that this virtual assistant always meets with your expectations and your challenges.

3. Information Governance

Give the right information to the right people

Information Governance // Compliance // GDPR // RGPD // e-discovery


On one hand the volume of information is growing exponentially and can have different formats : file systems, emails, paper, blogs, user interactions; on the other hand it represents one of the most important assets for organizations. It then becomes important to analyze, categorize the information, to setup processes, policies, standard and metrics in order to ensure an effective use of it and enable organizations to achieve their objectives.
To address your  needs, our experts assist you to define your information strategy and governance framework  to help generate value, reduce risk, enhance compliance, boost efficiencies, and drive down information management costs.


Added-value: With regulations and compliance requirements regularly changing, keeping your governance policies effective can be a strain on your internal resources. We support you in the ongoing development of policies, standards, procedures and improvements in compliance processes to ensure your tailor-made governance information policy.

Information governance strategy

Our experts define with you a more effective way to modernize and transform your digital workplace by introducing best practices for information governance. They work with you to understand your specificities and existing policies. They deliver the results in comprehensive reports with the documents matrix and the process mapping of your organization. Based on these elements, a customized action plan is proposed to improve the way information is managed, shared and kept in your digital workplace driven by your main organization goals: operational efficiency, compliance or risk management.

Migration to Cloud Applications, including Office 365

For many organizations, porting over data and information from on-premise legacy systems to new cloud applications like Office 365 is a main challenge. Our teams of experts ensure these migrations including data security and retention policies , and without disrupting your business.

Information governance implementation projects

The information governance analysis leads often to implementation projects: capture of a paper flow, integration of new business/compliance rules in the documents management system, deployment of an e-discovery solution. Our technical experts can assist during these projects to deliver the proper solutions.

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