Your business success is directly related to your ability to adopt to change. We fuel your change by bringing the cloud to you.


Cloud Strategy

Accelerate business value by embracing the cloud

Hybrid Cloud Strategy // Cloud Readiness // Multi Cloud Strategy // Cloud-First // Cloud Adoption Maturity

According to research companies using the cloud grow 19.3% faster than their competitors. In reality, simply moving all your workloads to the cloud will not instantly increase your value in the market. However doing so is a valuable first step in your cloud journey. Whether you are already using or just exploring cloud technologies, you need to have a formal strategy in place to accelerate successful outcomes for your business and improve your ability to change.

We guide your business leaders and IT Teams in defining your company’s cloud strategy in line with your corporate objectives.

Our cloud experts will build a cloud roadmap considering your needs, risks and opportunities specific to your business. This roadmap goes through different stages: Readiness Assessment, Maturity Check and Migration Roadmap.


Added-value: Your cloud journey will accelerate your company’s digital transformation in an exponentially faster way.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud projects can be complex and disorganised. Our experts will assess your current IT & Cloud Infrastructure and map them to suitable IaaS, PaaS & SaaS solutions. Ensuring a smooth and progressive transition in line with your unique goals and business requirements.

Cloud Maturity Check

Our experts have developed the Cloud Maturity Check to assess the durability of your environment focusing on architecture, governance, security, availability, and business continuity. Following a series of workshops and configuration reviews, we will provide you with a Cloud Assessment Report and define your next steps together by means of a blueprint of the to-be architecture.

Cloud Migration Roadmap

Together with your IT department we define the “why”, “how”, “what” and “when” of your migration project. From choosing which applications and workloads need to be moved, building business cases, defining the technical approach, integration model and security requirements, we formulate a robust roadmap to guide the successful migration of your infrastructures to the cloud.

Cloud Security

Maintain control and visibility to grow your business with confidence

DevSecOps // Cloud Identity // Cloud Data // Cloud Compliance // Cloud Monitoring

Attracted by the endless possibilities offered by the cloud and the promise to benefit from environments that are both flexible and cost-effective, your organization may have started its transition. It is likely that you now have multiple cloud solutions, hybrid environments and such a complex ecosystem that you lost the grasp over your cloud security level. With the introduction of these technologies comes a whole new set of risks and security challenges around identity and access management, threat and response monitoring, data leakage and governance.

To lift these concerns, our experts carry out cloud security strategy assessments, identity gaps, and add steps in your cloud journey roadmap to reach your desired security posture as well as an alignment with your organization’s overall security strategy.

Moreover, we will work with your IT teams to further strengthen your cloud environments and integrate security at all stages of the process chain by including DevSecOps best practices. With the aim of addressing security continuously, we provide your teams with the appropriate tooling and principles to code analysis, testing automation, container hardening and change management.


Added-value: With the proper holistic security strategy in place, you will regain control over your critical assets, visibility over your threat landscape and be able to respond and recover from disruptions no matter where you are in your cloud journey.

Cloud Security Assessments

We map your architecture, review your configurations, and assess your compliance to security norms and generate a gap analysis. Our cloud experts then provide a detailed process to enforce the correct security controls and build improvements across your digital environment in a secure and cost-effective way.

DevSecOps Training

We train your technical teams to DevSecOps practices and methodologies including automatic security testing, continuous security monitoring, threat investigation and vulnerability management to fully integrate security in your software development lifecycle and enable end-to-end security within your development pipeline.

Cloud Security Monitoring & Governance

Your cloud requires full visibility and control over security and compliance issues as well as detection capabilities regarding misconfigurations, sensitive data movement, unauthorized activities, and privilege access misuses. Our teams will integrate cutting-edge security monitoring tools to in your cloud environments and provide resources around the clock to manage and monitor your cloud infrastructures and applications.


DevSecOps in general is a cultural mind shift that impacts the way your security, development and operations teams work. Automate and integrate the process of software delivery to increase efficiency and tear down the “siloed” way of working. This involves topics as: Infrastructure as Code, Platform as Code, Containerization, Security, Monitoring, Alerting, Scalability, Business Continuity, etc.

Application Performance Monitoring

Most of your customers, users and employees do not communicate if an application is not working, and just stop using it. Application Performance Monitoring brings you the visibility to know what to do, keep all users on board and prevent churn.

Cloud Governance

Take control over your cloud without losing speed and agility

Cloud Governance // Cloud Optimization // Cloud Service Model // Business Continuity // Standardization

Traditional cloud engineers are sitting between your development and operations team and are holding stop signs for every action that needs to be taken, hence decreasing the overall benefits of the cloud like speed and quick time-to-market. With the pace of change and growth of your cloud environments, and the new services adopted by your IT teams, it is crucial that you develop a strong governance strategy.

Our teams put controls and policies in place for cost optimization, resiliency, security, and compliance, all while giving the freedom to your development and operations teams to move forward independently. By leveraging automation, standard cloud components and governance tools available in your cloud environments, our Cloud Custodian Team can analyse, plan and deploy cloud management policies and controls at scale.

Using a DevSecOps approach to Cloud Governance, we automate your governance rules, the creation of cloud accounts and IAM accounts through infrastructure as code. We monitor your regulatory and organizational compliance checks and secure your environments via IAM roles and permissions (RBAC), MFA enforcement and threat detection.


Added value: With a governance process, you achieve the agility, speed, and cost savings benefits promised by the cloud.

Cloud Governance Consulting

Automation and policies link to every aspect of your cloud from IAM, security policies, cost optimization and control, object tagging to configuration standardization. Our experts guide you through the process and manage everything you had never thought about upfront.

Cloud Platform Management

We orchestrate your cloud in a standardized way to make the deployment of your existing and new applications smoother. We set and define a wide range of principles upfront such as monitoring, backup, business continuity, scalability, performance, security, access, remote management, etc.

Cloud Architecture

Create the blueprint for business success, change and growth

Hybrid Cloud // Multi Cloud // Cloud Resiliency // Business Continuity

The continuous boom of remote working has emphasized the fact that the right cloud architecture model can transform your business capabilities and help you gain a competitive edge in the market. In our always-connected world, your employees and clients expect the best possible experience from your apps and services including high availability, performance, and security.

As your business is unique, our cloud architects work with you to define your cloud architecture blueprints based on your specific requirements. In a second stage, they help you design a comprehensive technical strategy and architectural roadmap to successfully transition your organization to a multi or hybrid cloud model.


Added-value: Taking advantage from the flexibility and choice of our leading cloud solution providers portfolio, we guarantee the achievement of your business-critical objectives such as cost reduction, business continuity, data security, compliance, availability, and durability.

Cloud Operating Model Definition And Design

For your organization to secure the full benefits of the cloud including speed, agility and cost benefits, your entire infrastructure and applications management processes must be redesigned. Once the Cloud Strategy has been defined, we help you evolve or build a Cloud Operating Model that delivers cost effective, reliable, and secure solutions to accelerate your business outcomes and deliver value through your cloud.

App Saasification

We help your business expand on your service model and improve customer experience for your end users by guiding you in the adoption of a subscription-based licensing model. After conducting research and a cost-analysis, we help in transforming your software into a service by adopting a microservices topology, correlate cloud cost to your subscriptions income and build a CI/CD pipeline.

Cloud Foundations

We set your cloud foundations involving IAM, Security, Visibility, Governance, Monitoring, Auditing, and Standardization so your new apps can be deployed in a fast, secure and cost-effective way.

Cloud Management

Worry-free cloud transformation and business innovation

Cloud Performance Monitoring // Infrastructure as code // Cloud Automation // Cost Management // Security Automation // Compliance Automation // Backup // Alerting // Business Continuity

As the core component of your business network and application strategy, your cloud needs to continuously and infallibly meet the expectations of your end users.

The increased connectivity of the latter, both internal and external, is putting a heavy strain on your IT department to run your apps smoothly, fastly, securely and uninterruptedly.

Cloud performance monitoring is the unique way to provide your IT teams with accurate insight into how well your applications are performing. With our selection of cutting-edge solutions, we implement the most appropriate tooling adapted to your operating systems, your apps and supporting your multicloud environments.

As a successful hybrid cloud management isn’t complete with cloud automation, we also train your teams on the best DevOps tools and methodologies. Pressured by the need to always provide new applications and features, we enable them to be more efficient in the creation of stable development, testing and production environments all the while minimizing errors and the associated costs.


Added-value: We monitor and proactively manage your environments and components to improve the digital experience of your cloud-based apps.



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