Automate and optimize management control reporting for a leading asset management company

Automate and optimize management control reporting for a leading asset management company

Key Challenges

Our client is one of Europe’s leading asset managers handling a total of €560 billion of assets.

The Management Control department provides reports to the top management about budget, resources, forecasting and ongoing projects management. These reports are created in Excel, using complex macros in VBA, and our client wanted to migrate to an automated and user-friendly analysis solution, easily accessible to the Management Control team. He also needed us to translate the functional needs of its teams, such as business rules and calculation rules, into technical specifications for technical stakeholders.

Our approach

To meet our client’s expectations, we first set up workshops with business users to identify the needs and translate them into technical specifications, collect the different data sources and define the expected results. The main objective was to get what he already had, but in a much simpler way.

Since the self-service analytics approach had already been deployed in other departments, we reused tools already implemented such as Alteryx Designer and Tableau Software. We took care of cleaning and harmonizing data sources, applying pre-defined business rules, and configuring the tools to provide the output required by end users.

To improve data quality and long-term usability, we created a data warehouse and datamarts for storing and supplying new inputs.

Finally, to give business users the autonomy they deserve, we trained them to use Alteryx, for managing data preparation workflows, and Tableau Software, for data exploration and visualization.


Improved governance and data quality, as users no longer manipulate source files and all datamarts refer to the same sources.

Increased agility, since management rules can be easily modified by non-technical users via Alteryx.

Better analytics scalability, it is now possible to analyze data in self-service with Tableau Software and share it online. The reports allow you to accurately track the progress of different projects and make decisions based solely on the data.

Technologies & Partners

Technologies used for this use case: Alteryx and Tableau