Preventing reputational damage for a luxury goods manufacturer

Preventing reputational damage for a luxury goods manufacturer

Key challenges

As the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world, the client has a strong brand image which must keep up with the prestige of the products it offers. The company needed a security partner to assess its security maturity and identify potential vulnerabilities.

The ultimate objective was to prevent any reputational damage caused by a lack of security. The secondary objective was to map the attack surface to raise visibility, understand the risks and identify the parts of the environment that needed security vulnerabilities testing.

Our approach

We performed a penetration test upon its main website, and other related websites that we discovered. The engagement was considered a blackbox testing. Following the OWASP standards we performed an extensive reconnaissance where we were able to map the entire surface and continued digging for vulnerabilities which could compromise the environment.

After presenting the various flaws we had identified further following our methodologies, we gave the customer our recommendations based on best practices and trusted actors in the cyber security world.


We were able to compromise not only the organizations infrastructure but also important personal data. These issues could have been abused by malicious actors and caused serious reputational damage.

Instead the client has received invaluable feedback on how to resolve the current issues in an efficient way, and to prevent such issues from appearing in the future. The biggest benefit is not only the help in remediating current issues but creating the mindset and reflex to think about security when implementing new functions in the future.