Midpoint Integration for a Non-Governmental Organisation

Midpoint Integration for a Non-Governmental Organisation

Key challenges

Due to its activity, our customer has to deal with a considerable amount of users, some of them having multiple accounts on various applications provided by the organization.

All of the users’ identities and accounts where managed manually, making it slow, highly complex for the IT teams to manage and more prone to errors. The customer asked for our support to bring in the appropriate tool, methodologies and knowledge to create and manage identities in a more efficient way, and get a clear view of the accesses given to their users.

Our approach

Midpoint is a powerful Identity Management and Governance open source system provided by Evolveum. Our objective was to deploy it on the customer’s infrastructure and integrate it with its target systems (AD, databases, etc.). Once installed, we defined a Role Based Access Control Model suiting the customer’s need and set up approval along with certification processes.

The customer also needed some features that didn’t exist in the tool, We therefore developed web application using .NET in order to extend the native capabilities of the tool whilst fitting perfectly in the existing customer’s applications ecosystem.


Midpoint allowed our customer to get a unique and centralized tool for Identity Governance with a quick and easy reporting feature. It also simplified access request and account creation workflows within the organization.

Most importantly, thanks to training sessions, the customer is now able to be autonomous with the tool and extend the configuration as needed.

Technologies & Partners

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