Data anonymization for a global healthcare group

Data anonymization for a global healthcare group

Key Challenges

The client is a global healthcare group founded in 2000 and headquartered in Madison, USA. The organization works to improve cancer detection through genetic research, while developing and marketing clinical laboratory services.

The client wanted to create a new online ordering portal dedicated to French doctors, similar to the existing portal based on the SalesForce platform whose data is hosted in the USA. This first project was aimed in particular at redesigning the system and implementing the anonymisation of patient data before it is sent to the laboratory in California.
Responding to the urgent needs of the international department located in Geneva, this portal was then duplicated and adapted to local regulations for the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.
Key features of the solution include reporting, compliant data storage, anonymisation and synchronisation with SalesForce, full access to data by Customer Service and authentication with the external Okta system.

Our approach

With a team made of one scrum master, one product owner, five developers (three backend and two frontend), one tester and one UX designer we achieved the following:

The objectives were to create an independent online platform, anonymize and store data in a compliant way, as well as generate reports.

The issues at stake were the following:

Design of the data flow

Apps and platforms patient data anonymisation data flow
Patient data anonymisation data flow

Technologies & Partners