About us

We believe collaboration betters our world.

Our co-workers share knowledge with our clients to unlock their untapped potential.

We grow our clients’ business by leveraging technologies, delivering solutions and creating experiences to produce better outcomes and results that matter.

About us

Our vision

We are a global independent tech consultancy group. With a team of more than 2,500 talented tech specialists on the ground in over 32 cities across Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and Africa, we serve clients of all sizes.   We believe collaboration betters our world. We deliver end-to-end tech solutions thanks to our unique open ecosystem model. We partner with our clients at every stage of the lifecycle of their projects from strategy to implementation. We advise our customers, build and run their projects.   We aim to unlock the full potential of our co-workers by providing them evolutive environment encouraging collaboration, creativity and positive mindset.   Our services focus on a wide array of expertise including apps & platforms, security, cloud, data & analytics, hyperautomation and digital workplace in the banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, utilities and insurance industries.   We deliver our services in a meaningful and collaborative mindset. We aim to create positive business outcomes to support our clients through their ever changing business environments.

Positive Thinking Company – let’s do something great together

Facts & Figures

30+ Cities

235 M€ Turnover in 2019

12 Key partners

2,500+ Positive co-workers

6 Expertise


Our values


We put our years of experience at the service of our clients to enable them to achieve their objectives and exceed their initial expectations.
We also invest in the satisfaction and development of our co-workers, while paying attention to our impact on the environment.
We are therefore committed to a CSR approach in order to respect the principles of development and sustainable economy.


Close to our clients and to our partners, we build and we nurture strong alliances to create proximity and long-term relationship based on trust and transparency.
They can count on the motivation and skills of our co-workers organized around communities in order to encourage the sharing and pooling of experiences. Our training programs ensure the fulfillment of our co-workers and offer them tailor-made career paths.


Excellence drives us and reflects our constant aim to provide the best services to our clients. We are constantly looking for improvement, mastery of every detail and the will to surpass us in order to evolve and take up new challenges.
This willingness to do ever better is also reflected in the selective recruitment and evolution of our co-workers. We surround ourselves with talents having personalities, potentials and skills that can maintain our level of quality. We provide each of our co-workers with tailor-made career paths enabling them to explore their untapped potential.

Positive Thinking

More than our name, the “Positive Thinking” mindset is our trademark shared by all our co-workers who face every situation with enthusiasm, determination and optimism.
All together, we spread our constant willingness to bring our dynamism to our clients to provide them with much more than technical added value.

Our Corporate Social Responsability

The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative is part of our collaborative performance approach: defining a common project while respecting the ambitions and dreams of each one. True to the values of the Positive Thinking Company, it brings together the initiatives of our co-workers and the guidelines of our management, contributing together to Sustainable Development.

We are all Positive Thinkers

Together, we dream, dare and collaborate! In the Positive Thinking Company, we share the same philosophy: build a transparent relationship, based on trust and innovation, with our clients and our committed co-workers. Our goal: achieve everyone’s dreams with passion, hard work and a positive mindset. It is with an open mind and flexibility that we will solve the challenges that await you, either in your career or with your projects.

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